Philosophy Consulting

Customer Strategy and Business Design Using Philosophy to Navigate Change.

Our Services


Primary Research and Insights Identification

We conduct upfront primary research using philosophical, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to understand your consumer, business model and market opportunity to help you identify and prioritize product and customer engagement strategies. 

Customer Engagement Business Model Design

We work with your leadership and product teams to evaluate and identify opportunities in your business model to innovate and scale your customer engagement efforts as well as to improve your customer experience leveraging the appropriate technology solutions.

Ethical Organizational Effectiveness Consultations

Ethics is about enabling human flourishing.  We partner on organizational, cultural and strategic initiatives in order to thoughtfully prepare for employee, consumer, community and brand impact.  We will help you conduct appropriate analyses and propose solutions to maximize the impact while mitigating the unintended consequences of these efforts.

Leadership and Employee Training

We leverage philosophical insights and strategic frameworks to deliver training and workshops to leaders and employees on how to think critically, creatively and with empathy for improved culture, morale and productivity.