Philosophy Consulting

Customer Strategy and Business Design Using Philosophy to Navigate Change.

Philosophy Consulting

Customer Strategy and Business Design Using Philosophy to Navigate Change.


Why Us

Philosophy is the discipline that begins in wonder and ends in truth by asking thoughtful questions about what's important and answering those questions with a rigorous response.  As a consultancy, we leverage this skill in order for you to better understand your customer and your business model approach.  Our results are different than other consultancies, but that is why we are here.    

Our Services


Primary Research and Insights Identification

We conduct upfront primary research using philosophical, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to understand your consumer, business model and market opportunity to help you identify and prioritize product and customer engagement strategies. 

Customer Engagement Business Model Design

We work with your leadership and product teams to evaluate and identify opportunities in your business model to innovate and scale your customer engagement efforts as well as to improve your customer experience leveraging the appropriate technology solutions.

Ethical Organizational Effectiveness Consultations

Ethics is about enabling human flourishing.  We partner on organizational, cultural and strategic initiatives in order to thoughtfully prepare for employee, consumer, community and brand impact.  We will help you conduct appropriate analyses and propose solutions to maximize the impact while mitigating the unintended consequences of these efforts.

Leadership and Employee Training

We leverage philosophical insights and strategic frameworks to deliver training and workshops to leaders and employees on how to think critically, creatively and with empathy for improved culture, morale and productivity.

Our Work


Innovation and Partnerships for an Insurance Association

Our client sought to diversify its offerings by creating a new channel to engage external partners and association members to create new products and services for existing and future clients. We proposed an accelerator concept that was implemented by the client to filter, select, mature and match nascent technology entrepreneurs and their solutions with stakeholder identified problems and opportunities. 

Ethical Considerations for Genomic Medicine

Mayo Clinic was creating a biobank to store research samples for personalized medicine.  Leveraging applied philosophy, an engagement was created with the community to ensure their concerns and insights were identified and integrated into oversight of the biobank.  The outcomes of this work included; a formalized set of recommendations, the creation of a community advisory board, and an improved consent process. 

Business Model Consultations for Start-ups

We have had the opportunity to consult a host of national and international private equity and  angel funded companies in a confidential manner on how to strengthen their business model, go to market strategy, as well as strategies on how to create key partnerships to differentiate themselves in the market. 

Leadership and Employee Training

Previous projects have included, "How Stoicism can make you a better project manager," as well as employer seminars on critical and creative thinking, as well as philosophy and ethics instruction. 

Customer Testimonials


“Matt Durski and his Philosophy Consulting approach challenged and motivated my group to think differently, and formulate the correct path to deliver on strategic initiatives with outstanding results. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

-Chair of Biomedical Informatics
Global Healthcare Company

"I am exceptionally pleased with Mr Durski's keen ability to identify the pieces of the puzzle and organize them in a logical manner allowing me to capitalize on the trends and to maintain continued growth."

-Investor/Owner Pharma and Beauty Industry

"Matt brings a unique perspective to his work blending philosophy with practical business thinking. His ability to draw out core needs, compartmentalize opportunities and deliver solutions catapults work ahead which results in high team participation and work outcomes."

-Vice President of Strategic Planning
Healthcare Technology Company

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you open to free preliminary consultations? 

Absolutely, we are happy to talk with you, get a sense of the problem you are solving for and determine whether we can help prior to any discussions regarding fees.

What size engagements do we work on?

We are happy to speak, create workshops, as well as work in longer term engagements.

About the Founder


Matt Durski heads Philosophy Consulting with experience from industry leading organizations (UnitedHealth Group, Mayo Clinic, Pearson, Social Security Administration).

He keeps his passion for philosophy alive by serving as an instructor of philosophy and as a member of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA).  He has held applied philosophy roles as a manager of ontologies and a bioethics consultant on the ethical implications of precision medicine.  

Matt holds Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Philosophy and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

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