Philosophy Consulting

Helping organizations innovate from what is to what if.

Why Me?

Your organization is faced with unprecedented change and uncertainty and you need help making the necessary changes to win.

What will I do for you?

I will work with you to reimagine and re-engineer your operations, product and strategic initiatives to capitalize on your assets and minimize your risks.

My Services


Innovation Management

  • I will help your company set-up the necessary infrastructure to create a culture of curiosity that maximizes the value of internal expertise and the external presence necessary to engage cutting edge technologies and business models. 

Business Transformation

  • Change is difficult for anyone.  I engage technology, personnel needs assessments, and other trends and inflection points to help you identify opportunities and create action plans for change. 

Growth  Strategy

  • I will partner with your leaders to understand your business and then research your competitors and identify adjacent markets to create new lines of revenue.

Enabling Operational Excellence

  • I arrive ready with a philosophical mindset, and will ask tough questions about your operations to identify broken, inefficient and unnecessary processes and create solutions to keep your company running top notch.

Customer Testimonials


“Matt Durski and his Philosophy Consulting approach challenged and motivated my group to think differently, and formulate the correct path to deliver on strategic initiatives with outstanding results. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Chair of Biomedical Informatics
Global Healthcare Company

"I am exceptionally pleased with Mr Durski's keen ability to identify the pieces of the puzzle and organize them in a logical manner allowing me to capitalize on the trends and to maintain continued growth."

Investor/Owner Pharma and Beauty Industry

"Matt brings a unique perspective to his work blending philosophy with practical business thinking. His ability to draw out core needs, compartmentalize opportunities and deliver solutions catapults work ahead which results in high team participation and work outcomes."

Vice President of Strategic Planning
Healthcare Technology Company

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of clients does Philosophy Consulting work with?

The ideal customer is a healthcare or educational organization looking for a spark plug to drive change and growth.  However, I am a quick study.

What size projects will I consider?

I work on small as well as large engagements.

About Me

My Experience


Matt Durski heads Philosophy Consulting with experience from industry leading organizations (UHG, Mayo Clinic, Pearson, federal government).

I keep my passion for philosophy alive by serving as an instructor of philosophy and as a member of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA).  I have also held applied philosophy roles as a manager of applied ontologies and bioethics consultant on the ethical implications of precision medicine.  

I hold a master's and bachelor's in Philosophy and am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

My Approach


I begin with curiosity and a philosophical mindset that seeks to understand.   

Then I ask tough questions about the right things to understand your unique business challenges.  

Finally, I will work with you, leveraging your unique expertise and assets along with right tools and methods to accomplish your goals. 

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